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Thoughts on Family & Light The World Day 15

Rhett used to HATE baths. He refused to be naked, and we always had to bathe him in swim trunks while he screamed and tried to escape. I'm not sure what changed, but now he can't get enough of the water. We got a long shower head with a hose that reaches all the way to the shower floor, so we just set it on low and let him play. He has a blast splashing all his toys, and when we try to get him out he says, "No, let me take a shower!" He says it very calmly and sweetly at first, but the more we bug him, the louder he yells it. 

Now he begs to take a shower multiple times a day. I tried letting him play with some water in the sink, but he has a bad habit of pouring cups of water onto the floor... Ain't he cute though? 😍

Today I was feeling ambitious and I took the boys to the Y so I could work out. Then we hit up McDonald's so the boys could get in some more play time (and chocolate milkshakes, of course). Mostly I just wanted to wear them out for bedtime. I'm finding that if they don't run around all day, they won't go to sleep at night. And momma needs her sleep!!!

My boys deprive me of sleep and drive me insane on a regular basis, but I wouldn't trade this messy and beautiful life for anything. They give me a purpose greater than I ever knew I could have. For every tantrum that makes me want to pull my hair out, there is a smile and a snuggle to make up for it tenfold. My family is my greatest treasure, and I'm so grateful that God gave me the gift of motherhood.

Jesus taught:

"Blessed are the merciful."
—Matthew 5:7
Jesus’s sacrifice on our behalf was the greatest example of mercy. We can follow His example by extending mercy and compassion to others wherever we can.

Power Cleaning, Good Moods, & Pinteresting Ideas

Last night I power-cleaned the house while the boys were in bed because everything smelled and it was desperately needed. It was exhausting, but, I listened to an audiobook so that helped make it more fun. I got halfway through More Than The Tattooed Mormon by Al Carraway. So far it gets a thumbs up! I love hearing other people's stories in their own voices. I loved Stephanie Nielson's audiobook too. Anyway, I feel like the cleaning made a huge difference today! Everyone just seemed to be in a good mood.

*Just a heads up, those are affiliate links, which means if you buy the audiobooks, I'll earn a small commission. No pressure though. I just figured I might as well link them since I was going to mention them anyway!

Rhett is almost 3, but I think he will always be my baby. He's such a snuggly little teddy bear! And he wants mommy to do everything for him. Even walk. He knows he's cute enough to make it happen. All he has to do is bat those big brown eyes at me and say, "Mommy? (Insert request here)"

I'm pretty sure I won't be able to carry him on my hip when he's 18 though...

It was yet another beautiful sunny day today! I think tomorrow is our last decent day before the rain comes back... I guess we better make sure we enjoy it! Even though we do have A LOT of grey days, I'm grateful to live in such a beautiful place. It makes the sunny days that much more wonderful ♥

Kender and I have been butting heads a lot lately. We've always seemed to butt heads, but it's been worse the past couple months. He's stubborn, smart, sensitive, and a total perfectionist. We decided to take a long Christmas break from school so we can both get a break and come back more prioritized and refocus. I don't see myself as a great teacher, but I love that kid so much it hurts, and that has to count for something right? I want everything for him, and I think I had more expectations for him than I realized. So far taking a step back has been really good. We've been working together on trying to help each other not get so frustrated (haha - my 5 year old is the real teacher. He teaches me that I need more patience).

All the struggles and tantrums aside, I'm so grateful for that boy. I'm so grateful that he's mine, and that Heavenly Father trusted me with such a sweet and tender little heart. 

Kender is such a good helper. He grabbed these pruners & bucket of his own free will so he could cut the perimeter of the lawn for Grandpa (Kender says that part is hard to get with the lawnmower). He filled the bucket up halfway with grass by the time he was done! I miss when he used to help me with chores all the time.

I made something I saw on Pinterest today! It looks nothing like what I saw on Pinterest, but it's functional and that's what matters right? I hate that our sunglasses take up so much room on the counter so I wanted a better place to store them.

(FYI, I did not make the heart wreath)

I had a square wire wreath thing (not sure why I bought a square one.. or a circle one for that matter. I don't really have any desire to make a wreath). I got some fabric I had lying around and tied two strips across the middle for the glasses to hang on. Then I wrapped the rest of the wire with fabric.

It didn't hang very well like that, so I used paper clips and another strip of fabric to make a little hanging strap. Ta da! I'm just glad the sunglasses are off the counter!!

This was also a (sort of) Pinterest idea. It was supposed to be a DIY mantle, but hey it's still functional. The stockings and cards are hung!

And just for fun:

I tell him a hundred thousand times not to climb on the counter and what does he do? Climbs onto the counter to weigh all the food. And sometimes you just have to laugh about it.

I love Google.

I've used Google Photos for years (which is free with all Google accounts), but it wasn't until I recently got my Pixel 2 that I started experimenting with all the features, like Animations and Videos (you can also make collages and photo books, but I haven't tried those yet). Google makes them for you and it only takes like 30 seconds!!! I have a bunch of random video clips on my phone of the kids that I thought I'd probably never watch again, but Google morphs them into these adorable little shorts with music! 😋

I used to use Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop for basic edits to my photos (lighting, contrast, vibrance, etc.) but I use Google Photos for that now too. It's faster and easier for me, and I've been surprised by the results! I'm a fan of things that make my life easier, and I'm glad to spend more time taking pictures of my kids and less time fiddling with contrast. Now they just need to come out with an Adobe Illustrator equivalent...

All I had to do to make this video was select the video clips on my phone. Google did the rest automatically! I think that's pretty awesome for me not having to manually do any trimming, cropping, or adding music.

Ryan was wrestling with Sadie, and she thought he was getting a little too rough so she jumped on me to protect me. The boys followed suit lol.

I feel like these moments weren't accurately captured with one photo, but I love the GIFs 😂

My dog matches my couch, so I always have to adjust photos of her so you can actually see her!

Alright, that's my "I love Google" speech for the night. I was too excited not to share!

And here's Day 11 of Light The World:

I'll admit, I'm not great at actually doing these things every day, but posting about it helps me to at least be mindful of them.