First Blog Post

Hey there loved ones!

Well the wedding may be over, but the new life has just begun and we are so excited! I'm very happy to be the newest addition to the Cleaver family. Now I just need to make it official and get my name changed! Hopefully I'll be able to get some wedding pictures up soon, but Ryan and I are in the process of moving all our photos to our desktop computer and it's taking a bit longer than anticipated. Moving and resizing almost 5,000 photos over the internet isn't fast or easy...

Thank you cards will soon be in the making as well! We got some awesome gifts, and we are so grateful. All our kitchen appliances match - I love that. And now we have our very own kitchen table and dresser! And they match too! Oh who assembled those bad boys, you ask? April Cleaver did! Now my back hurts, but its worth it to have somewhere to put all our clothes. :)

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