6 Month Mark!

So I haven't updated this blog since Ryan and I first got married and I have been getting pretty lazy on my art blog too, so I figured I'd be better off merging the two into one! I'll post my art pictures on here from now on, along with any other fun pictures of Ryan and I. Well first things first! Lets get caught up...

Here's just a few pictures of the wedding:

The Seattle Temple!

Hooray! We did it!

The whole gang

Walking in the rain... It was pretty cold!

This is definitely one of my favorites!

Trying to figure out where the lovely photographer would like me to go :)

Amazing picture of Ryan!

Another sweet one

The cakes!

The bouquet toss

Ryan getting that darn garter off...

The groom's side of the family

The bride's side of the family

The love birds

This is the one we put in the newspaper

Proof that Ryan dances with me and likes it 😊

These pictures mark the beginning of our life together ❤

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