Church-Ball Playoff Game!

I'm pretty sure I took these pictures before we went to the game farm... Anyway, I borrowed Paul's big professional camera and attempted to get some good shots of Ryan's game. I think I took around 300 pictures by the time it was done! It was a lot of fun, and I think I got some pretty good ones of Ryan playing. 

A nice practice shot (for the both of us) 

Ryan's sweet new basketball shoes 

Ryan looking pretty intense... Pure focus! I had to zoom a lot on this one, so that's why the edges are a little soft (to cover up the pixelization). 

Taking the shot! 

I think this is a cool picture... 

This was one of the last shots of the game... I'm pretty sure we won so we must have been guest. I can't remember for sure but we will also assume that it was our team making this shot :) 

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