The Game Farm

You may have already seen these pictures on Facebook, but I'm just trying to get caught up on the documentation of married life :) so here they are again! Ryan and I went to the game farm with Brian and Sundaelee, and Jordan and Ashley. It was so much fun! I never knew those animals had such huge and smelly tongues! And we made a very important discovery - bears really do like honey! And reindeer are miniature and adorable. Sundaelee and I were the only ones who had never been to the game farm before, and now we understand why Ryan and Brian like it so much!

A real life zebra!

A pretty goofy picture...but hey, how many times am I gonna get the chance to pose with a zebra??

Sundaelee and Brian

A pretty awesome/silly picture of Ryan and the big brown bear :)

This is why you don't drop the bread in your lap...

Not really sure what Jordan was thinking, but it looks pretty funny!

And Ashley was our amazing photographer. I wish we had gotten some pictures of her!

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