The Last Catch-Up Post

Ok, hopefully now I will stay caught up! This has been a great semester. The first couple of weeks were SO busy! I was taking 16 credits and I think Ryan had 15. We spent every second the first week doing nothing but homework! Ryan was able to finish all of his with hardly any time to spare but I could never get caught up! We decided we would each drop a class. Ryan dropped an economics class that was really intense that he didn't need and picked up Walleyball. He's really enjoyed it! I went a little crazy and dropped almost all of my classes and ended up having to email my teachers and ask them to let me back in. The one I ended up dropping for sure was Intro to Graphic Design. It seemed like a fun class, but it was a ton of work! Maybe I'll try it again a different semester. Since then we've stuck with our schedules and kept our grades up! We both have all A's and B's! Hopefully it stays that way for these last few weeks of the semester.

Here are a few random pictures that we've taken throughout the semester...

My drawing made it on the wall!!! That means I got an A :) Mine is the middle row, 2nd to the left on brown paper (its of a girl). I'm actually not sure if we are allowed to take pictures of the wall but I was just so excited to see mine up there!

Yesterday I decided to heart-attack Ryan's computer. I was going to send him these pictures to make him wonder what I had done so he would hurry home, but I decided not to because I was so nervous about taking my TB test (which I did immediately after I set this up). Ryan came home just a few minutes before I did, so I got to see the still-fresh surprise on his face. It was cute :) These post-it notes say "i love you" across his monitor 

You can't tell from this angle but those white blobs are paper hearts that I cut out and sprinkled all over his keyboard 

This was when we were coming back from Ryan's flag football game that got cancelled because of rain... I thought the temple looked really cool with the dark clouds in the background! The raindrops on the window make it pretty blurry... 

First time holding our adorable new nephew Lucas! We are so happy we were able to be here for his birth and see him just a day after he was born!

Uncle Ryry's first time holding Lucas

I took this on the way home from my Head Drawing class (so it was 8:30 or 9pm). It's a blurry iPhone picture, but it was a breathtaking sunset!

My first homemade pizza! I've made many more since then. This recipe is so good!!

Ryan and I at a devotional

Ryan eating a banana and looking like a cute monkey

A cool picture of Ryan at one of his flag football games

A cute picture I stole from Susan's blog - this is when we were all living in Poulsbo and visiting Nicole and Melissa

Ryan and I with baby Jett! I stole this one from Susan's blog too - it was the same trip :)

My new haircut that I gave myself because it was so hot and thick I couldn't take it anymore! My head is so much lighter now!

Some fun times! I also have a portrait I'm working on, along with some other assignments for my Head Drawing class that I will try to post soon!

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