End of Spring 2011 Semester

The spring 2011 semester is finished! Ryan and I are both very proud of our good grades. Apparently, being married really improves your studies - we both got 3 A's! We finished taking our finals on Thursday, and Friday morning we left for Poulsbo. We arrived about 13 hours later - pretty good time! So far we've had a lot of fun with Paul and Susan. They have some chickens that we've been trying to play with so they will get used to being handled by people. Today I got them to eat out of the palm of my hand! For pictures of the chickens, check out Susan's blog.

Here are a few pictures from our last couple of days in Rexburg:

A pretty flower Ryan picked for me (I taped it to my computer so I could look at it while I worked, but it died... I'm glad I took a picture of it!)

I've been taking lots of pictures with the new camera+ app on my iphone

Some beautiful flowers on the BYUI campus

Some more campus flowers

Having fun showing Melissa my Camera+ app

Ryan and I took lots of walks on the temple grounds. It's so beautiful there!

This picture was taken within 10 minutes of the one above... Crazy weather!

Taking pictures of the pretty flowers in the neighboring apartment complex...

This was actually right before our 4th of July camping trip... Someone lost their sign!

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