Camping in La Push

This weekend Ryan and I went camping with some of our friends to Second Beach in La Push! For those of you who aren't Twilight fans, La Push is werewolf territory - but luckily we didn't run into any Jacobs, Edwards, or Bellas. Our campsite was pretty great! We were walking along the beach with our big hiking packs and a bunch of surf boards and skim boards looking for a place to set up our tents when a few people stopped us and said they were leaving and that we could take over their campsite. It was basically a campfire with a bunch of driftwood stacked up around it to block the wind and some logs to sit on. There was even a little table inside! We were grateful to have a place to hide from the wind. Friday afternoon was pretty windy and foggy, but it cleared up by the evening and we were able to play in the sand and watch a beautiful sunset.  Saturday was beautiful all day long. We all woke up and ate some pancakes and bacon and then went exploring. We found a cave and climbed around inside - its amazing how much life there is on those rocks! Sadly, this trip did result in some injuries - Ryan took a surfboard to the knee and cut himself, and the rest of us got pretty sunburned :) but nothing serious. Overall it was a really fun trip! But we were happy to get home, wash the sand out of our hair, doctor our sunburns, and sleep in our cozy bed.

View from the trailhead

View from our campsite

This is the inside of our shelter - pretty cool huh!

I never thought I'd have to wear a hoodie with my swimsuit! This beach was really hot and really cold at the same time - The water was FREEZING, but the sand and the rest of the beach were pretty hot when there wasn't a breeze flowing through.

Sundaelee, Emily, and I made this sandcastle on the first day while we watched the boys skim board.

This looks like just a rock from far away, but up close its covered in muscles!

This was the first starfish I've ever seen! I didn't know it then, but many more would follow :)

Our shelter from the outside, along with Brian, Bentley, and Sundaelee's tent.

Soaking up the sun!

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