So Many Options!

The other day I logged into my BYU-I account to look over my degree audit and realized that I have 60 out of 120 credits. Graduation used to seem so far away but it's sneaking up on me! I'm halfway there! I know I'm going to major in art, but choosing an emphasis is so hard! And I'm running out of time to decide. My first interest was Graphic Design, but that changed to Illustration and then to Art Education with a minor in English Education and then I thought about Graphic Design and Illustration again along with Web Design and Photography... There are so many options! There have been a lot of things I need to keep in mind... I like drawing, but not ALL the time. That might rule out Illustration (unless I did freelance work here and there). I do a little graphic design work for my family and I tend to get a burnt out on that too. I haven't done much web design other than playing with my blog and Weebly site, but I'm interested in learning more about it. I think I'd have a lot of fun with photography because I love editing photos. Art Education would work well with Ryan's career (he's a History Education major) because we will both get summers off. But ultimately I want to be a mom, and anything else I pick will come second to that. So if I could do something that would let me stay home with our future kiddos, that would be my first choice... But art is pretty versatile and working from home is always an option with any emphasis, even though it might be more difficult. One thing I do know is that whatever I end up choosing, I want to do all I can to use it to help others.

Here's a random picture from a windy day on the ferry 🤣. This was when we went to the Seattle temple together for the first time

Who knows, maybe I'll end up teaching art and use those summers off to develop some sweet hobbies! I want to get better at the things I already do (like drawing), but I also want to get better at painting, learn how to take more artistic photos, get back into sewing, and learn how to play the guitar! Actually it doesn't really have to be the guitar, that just seems like a simple enough choice to start with. I was trying to reteach myself how to play the bass guitar for a while but I ended up giving it to my brother since he's already a very talented bass player. I just want to play something musical!

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