Some Summer Fun

Ryan and I have had a fun summer so far! This past weekend we went over to the other Cleaver's house for some fun. Ryan was really brave and rode the zipline but I was too scared... I've yet to conquer my fear of heights. Maybe someday! Here are some pictures from the festivities:

Here is the Ryan-Brian team on the pickle ball court

Here's the Nick-Chris team

A pretty good staged shot of all the boys! I couldn't fit them all in the picture so they all rushed to the net and posed for me.

Sundaelee and Baby Bentley. So cute!

Ryan getting serious about the game.

Here is a video of Ryan helping the kids ride the zipline.

And here are some fun pictures from the past couple of weeks!

Ryan the basketball angel 😍

These are some more pictures from our 4th of July camping trip: Rafting!

My handsome cowboy! 

Don is depicting how we all felt after the 3 hour ride... it's hard to walk after you ride a horse for that long!

The antler arch in Jackson

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