Day Trip To Seattle!

On Tuesday Susan, Ryan, and I all hopped on a ferry and spent the day in Seattle. There was so much to see! We checked out some cool shops and Pike's Place Market, ate lunch at Ivar's, and then visited the Aquarium. We sat outside at Ivar's and there were a ton of seagulls just waiting for left overs. Most of the time they wouldn't stop squawking until you fed them! The aquarium was awesome. We got to see so many different types of marine life, and there's even a section where you can touch star fish, anemones, sea cucumbers, and more! There were also sea lions and otters that were adorable and fun to look at. It was a blast!

This isn't from Seattle, it's just Ryan looking cute wearing my shirt 😁

This was right as we got off the ferry

Some tall buildings in the background

This was outside the aquarium!

Susan and I in front of the big fishies at Pike's Place

Eating our yummy fish & chips

There was a jellyfish arch! So cool!

Underwater love ❤

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