Our Anniversary!

Ryan and I have been married for one whole year today! It's been an amazing year, and the time has flown by so fast. I'm so blessed to have such a great husband. We've been having fun saying things like, "Come here my wife of one year!" and "Let's go my husband of one year!" Not very creative sayings, but we still enjoy them :)

Since our anniversary fell on a Sunday this year, we decided we would celebrate the Saturday before. We went out to eat at Famous Dave's and it was sooo delicious. The baby likes chicken tenders. A lot. In fact, I ate a really big plate of them and felt like I grew a few inches, so we took a picture by the Christmas tree so people could see the new baby/food bump! 

After dinner, we went to our friend Katie's wedding reception - Congrats Katie! She was a happy and beautiful bride, and the reception was beautiful to match. I wanted to wear a skirt to the party, but since I was half full of baby and half full of food, none of my skirts would fit. They fit fine last week, so I'm going to say that it just means baby is growing nicely. I also got to buy a new skirt, so I'm not complaining!

I went through our pictures from the past year and picked out a few to share:

This is probably the funniest family picture ever. We were about to go to bed and I grabbed Roxy and asked Ryan to take a quick picture. After I reviewed it I realized that family pictures are probably better when everyone is dressed and I have makeup on (and am not winking weirdly), but Roxy looks so darn cute I couldn't bring myself to delete it.

This is Ryan and I when Paul took us snowmobiling at the cabin - there was no snow at the cabin so we ended up having to go somewhere else. And the sun was in our eyes for this picture, as you can probably tell.

This is from our family trip to visit Nicole and Melissa in Idaho - We are holding Nicole's son Jett. He's so cute!

This was after Melissa had baby Lucas - also so cute!

My old roommate Andrea is a pretty great photographer and she took some pictures for us while we were at school. Thanks Andrea!

This is when we took a trip to Second Beach with some of our friends. It was freezing, but really beautiful and really fun!

And this is from our Seattle day with Susan!

Yep - I'd say it's been a pretty great year, and a successful one too! Yay for new baby! We've decided that we like the name June Leanne for a girl and Kender Ammon for a boy :) those aren't set in stone, but they are our current favorites.

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