Sugar and Dizzy Spells

 Yesterday's OB appointment was pretty interesting. It was the day of my diabetes screening test, so all day long I wasn't allowed to eat carbs or sugar. I ate 5 eggs and a can of tuna. I was grumpy, to say the least. When 3:30 pm rolled around I chugged my Glucola 50 (basically a drink that has 50 grams of sugar in it) and we headed to Silverdale. At around 4:30 I had my blood drawn, and all was well. After that we went in to see our doctor. She checked Kender's heart, and aside from a strong heart beat, we got to hear little hiccups! It was so precious.

After all the routine stuff, I started asking my doctor some questions about when the baby comes. As she was answering me, I started to feel really warm. I thought, "It's probably nothing, but I'll lay down just in case." I laid on my back and let my doctor know that I was feeling a little warm. She continued answering my questions, and I began to feel dizzy and lightheaded. I let her know, and she told me to lay on my side instead of on my back in order to get better blood flow. I rolled onto my right side, but then the heat and dizziness got worse. My doctor called for a nurse, and they took my blood pressure. It was really low, so they put a pillow under my hips and got a cold, wet cloth for my face and brought a fan into the room to cool me off. It felt so weird to be on the verge of fainting, and I kept wishing I would just fall asleep but it would not come! At times I felt like I was dozing, but I never actually passed out. After a while I started to feel better, but soon after another wave hit me. My chest felt like it was on fire, and my head was buzzing! This time there was nausea too. The doctor had me roll to the other side, and they continued to elevate my hips and check my blood pressure while Ryan kept my face cool with a wet cloth. They didn't want to give me any juice because they thought it would be too much after drinking the Glucola, but after I told them about my diet of eggs and tuna they decided to try it. I started to feel a lot better after a box of juice and a granola bar got into my system. My blood pressure eventually went back to normal, and we were finally able to go home at 6 pm. 

I figured all of that probably happened because I had my blood drawn after not eating much all day, and my blood sugar was probably still really low after the Glucola, but today a nurse called me and informed me that my test showed elevated levels of glucose... That means I get to go back next week for a four hour test. This time I have to fast before drinking the Glucola. Then they check my blood throughout a three hour period. Should be fun! At least after this I will know for sure if I have diabetes or not. I'd rather know about it and keep it in check than have it go undetected and cause problems for Kender.

I'm so glad Ryan was with me for that appointment yesterday. He was wonderful! It was hard for me to roll over because I was a little woozy and felt like I was going to fall off of the table, so he lifted me up and did the rolling for me. Then he massaged my legs to get the blood flowing, helped the nurses take my blood pressure, and kept me cool during those weird hot flashes. He helped me sip water throughout the whole experience, and once I started feeling better, he stayed by my side and made me laugh until the doctor said I was good to go. He takes such good care of me! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband :)

Here he is with our new toy - Ryan got it for me as an early birthday present. It's an Epiphone Les Paul Jr model. We think it will be a good first guitar!

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