1st Month

Well, we made it through the first month! Phew! It's been tough, but rewarding. I think we're all adjusting pretty well. I've finally come to terms with the fact that babies cry, and it doesn't mean I'm awful. I'm even adjusting to the sleeping schedule Kender has me on (up 1 to 4 times per night depending on how our day was before). Kender's fussiness seems to be leveling out a bit too. He's been such a happy boy the past couple of days! Lets hope this pattern continues :)

The family!

1 month old :) - He smiles a lot, I just can never seem to catch them on camera...

Kender hanging out with Daddy

Blowing a pretty sweet spit bubble

Little cutie! He likes going for walks in his stroller :)

Pondering whether or not to fall asleep in his bouncer (he decided to be fussy instead)

This is the coolest baby accessory!!! Its a nightlight and projector, plus it plays lullabies, white noise, and other soothing sounds for your baby. It's even voice activated so it turns on when your baby starts crying!

Four generations!

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