Found Those Feet!

Kender officially turned 4 months old yesterday, and he also learned a new trick! He’s been staring at his feet for a while, but yesterday was the first time he was actually able to grab them. Here he is!

Kender went to his 4 month check up last week. It was pretty cold, and we had to walk across the street to get to the Health Center from where we parked, so I made sure he was bundled up.

On Sunday I was having trouble getting Kender to go down for a nap. He was fussy and rubbing his eyes a lot, so I swaddled him up and gave him his binky. Usually that does the trick, but this time he remained fussy despite my desperate attempts to rock him to sleep. I was exhausted too, so I took Kender into my bed so we could both lay down. To my surprise, he fell asleep in my arms. We were both able to take a much needed nap. :)

We need more pictures of the two of us :)

That’s all for now!

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