What's New with Kender

Kender hasn’t been feeling too great for the past few days. We’re not sure if it’s just teething, or if he has a cold or ear infection or some other invisible ailment. Even so, we’ve still managed to get plenty of smiles! And tears too…

Don’t be fooled by the scowl – he loves bath time!

This is one of Kender’s favorite activities…Flying! Usually gives us a big smile when he’s in the air like this, but apparently not for the camera.

Kender loves his Daddy :)

Kender’s latest trick – trying to sit up!

Jumper fun. He can even touch the ground with his feet now, but just barely.

We thought now was a good age to introduce him to football, and he loves it! :)

He also loves books, but not when he grabs them and they accidentally hit him in the face…

Last, but not least – naked time! Kender loves being free.

We love our little boy!!!

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