Thanksgiving and Such

This was our first Thanksgiving on our own, but thankfully, I didn’t have to make a Turkey.
Our friends Melanie, Chris, Maddie, and Wyatt Dalton came over and had dinner with us. Melanie was nice enough to make the turkey! Thanks Melanie! I even kept the carcass and made my own stock and turkey soup… It was bland. Apparently you’re supposed to season it, which I didn’t discover until it was too late. 

Kender has learned a lot of new things… He LOVES rolling onto his tummy. He rolls all the time – during diaper changes, during nap time, during bed time, during play time, and while eating. It’s adorable except for the fact that he doesn’t like being on his tummy, and he hasn’t quite figured out how to roll back. So he usually fusses until we roll him back over. It’s also not adorable when he has a poopy diaper and he rolls away from me while I’m trying to change it. At bed time and nap time I’ve had to start swaddling him again. If I don’t, he rolls over at least 5 times before falling asleep, and we have to go rescue him each time. It’s harder for him to roll if he’s swaddled, but he still manages to do it!

He’s also learning to sit up! He doesn’t really like his Bumbo or Boppy pillow, but if Ryan or I sit behind him he can sit up on his own and play with his toys! He still topples over sometimes, so sitting behind him makes for easy baby catching. He can’t get into the sitting position by himself yet, but he’s getting there! He does real push ups now when he’s on his tummy.

Also, he is huge. He wears size 12 month clothes, but can already fit into size 18 months! And he’s only 5 and a half months old! He’s in a weird stage right now because of his size. It’s hard to take him shopping by myself. I can’t take his car seat inside anymore because he’s in a big boy seat. Wearing him in the Moby wrap for too long hurts my back, and he can’t sit up yet so he can’t just ride in the shopping cart. Ryan and I usually have to go together, and we take turns holding Kender.

I may be a little biased, but my little boy has the best laugh – here’s the proof!

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