"Da da da!"

A couple of weeks ago, Kender learned how to crawl. It's been a lot of fun, but it's brought on a whole new set of challenges. He doesn't like to sleep anymore. Naps are way too short, and he is up at least 5 times/night. Changing a diaper is now a two person job. If you try to do it alone, a naked baby will fight you and crawl away as fast as his little limbs will take him. It's adorable when I've had enough sleep, but in the middle of the night it's a little infuriating. I'm ready for him to learn how to walk! The grass is always greener, right?

When Ryan and I are at our wits end, all it takes to bring us back to sanity is this big smile. It's a good thing he's so stinking cute, because being his parents would be a lot harder if he wasn't. He's grown attached to his fuzzy green blanket, so whenever he gets a boo boo I give him his blanky, his binky, and then we cuddle until he feels better. It breaks my heart when he gets hurt, but the cuddling is the highlight of my day.

Kender has moved beyond squealing and cooing on to babbling. His favorite thing to say? "Da da da da daaaaa!" He also says "ma ma ma" and "ba ba ba," but his favorite by far is "da da." He knows how to make his daddy melt!

"Dad, they're comin' in on your left! Look out!"

Kender gives me this face to let me know he's not in the mood for pictures.

Kender is stubborn, hyper, and high maintenance, but we are so in love with him! He brings us more joy than we thought possible, and although at times it's hard, we feel truly blessed to have such a sweet little guy.

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