Freak Whiteout Blizzard...

Yes, today mother nature played a nasty trick on the Cleaver family. It was somewhat sunny outside, we needed food, and Kender needed to get out of the apartment  so we decided to take a family trip to Walmart. Once we had everything we needed, Ryan proceeded to the checkout line and I headed over to Albertsons to get our produce. It was sprinkling and a little windy on my way to Albertsons, but 5 minutes later it was snowing massive flakes and the wind was blowing super hard and we couldn't see anything! Poor Ryan had to put all our groceries in the car AND deal with Kender, who didn't like fluffy ice balls flying in his face. I just had to carry a few groceries to the car, but my hair was drenched and I was covered in snow by the time I got there. It was pretty much a whiteout. 20 minutes later, everything cleared up. Just our luck!

Now on to the Kender update: He made a new friend!

Kender is a ladies man at church. One for each arm!

Standing on his own!

Playing with Rosalyn.

Looking adorable while wearing daddy's hat.

Pretending he knows how to eat with a spoon.

This is Rosalyn. She likes to give Kender kisses. It's so cute! Kender tries to kiss back, but doesn't quite get it (leans in with his mouth wide open as if to eat her face). I haven't been able to catch any smooches on camera yet unfortunately!

Kender tries to hold Rosalyn's hand.

Rosalyn is flattered, and leans in for the kiss. Kender plays hard-to-get.

Yesterday Kender and I went to see his friend Elam who is 4 months old. Seeing those two together made me realize that Kender isn't a little baby anymore! He's almost a toddler! Back when he was 4 months old I thought this transition would never come, but now that it's here it seems like it's happened so fast! Our little boy is growing up!

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