The highlights of this past week were going to the park for a little FHE picnic, and then going to iJump for Lucas' birthday! He turned two :) Happy birthday buddy!

Ryan is one proud dad :) We love our kids! Even the hairy one :)

Kender is also officially 11 months old as of Wednesday. Happy almost birthday Sweet Pea! He's:
  • Walking

  • Running

  • Clapping

  • Saying "mmmwaaah!" (for kisses)

  • Copying mommy and daddy

  • Combing his own hair (not well)

  • Sitting and "reading" books quietly by himself

  • Playing tag ("I'm gonna get you!")

  • Standing on his tippy toes to reach the doorknob, or anything that we think is out of his reach but isn't

  • Opening and closing doors

  • Running to mommy or daddy and snuggling them whenever a stranger says hi (or burying his face into one of our shoulders if we're holding him while a stranger says hi), and then giving them his biggest smile
Now for the videos from iJump! We all had a blast - we thought Kender would have trouble warming up to the idea, but he jumped right in! The older kids kept bumping into him and knocking him down (or Kender would accidentally run into the older kids and then fall down), but he didn't care. He's one tough cookie!

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