The Little Things

Just a quick post to share how grateful I am for my little boy. He makes me smile every day. 

Whenever he sees an orange, he yells "BALL!" and runs to his high chair. What's better than an edible ball, right?

He knows there's a difference between footballs and basketballs, and he plays with them differently.

Whenever Ryan or I are cooking, Kender has to watch. Specifically, he has to be in the cook's arms observing everything. Whenever one of us goes into the kitchen, he latches onto both legs so we can't walk and says "me me me!" until we pick him up and let him help.

Every other morning (when I get to sleep in thanks to my sweet husband), Kender comes in and wakes me up by picking up all the bobby pins off my night stand and handing them to me one by one. Then he hands me my glasses and my phone. 

Kender loves to help me with the laundry. Oftentimes he will pull the dirty laundry out of the hampers and sort it into various piles around the house.

Kender loves to throw away trash. Sometimes he throws away things that aren't trash, like twenty dollar bills and car keys. So now we have a fake trash can just for him and we check it regularly for valuables.

Whenever we drive by the park he yells, "BALL!" 

When I ask Kender if he wants to go outside, or if he wants to go to the store, or if he wants to go pick up Daddy from school, he squeals with excitement and brings me his socks and shoes and hops onto my lap. Then he puts on his hat and waits for me to put on his jacket. He gets ready faster than I do!

Kender loves to pet Roxy and give her kisses. He tries to pick her up too, but she's a little heavier than his stuffed animals. She is super sweet and tolerates everything Kender does to her with love.

When he needs a diaper change, I ask him to go get me a diaper and he runs to his room, grabs a diaper and his blankey, brings them back to me, hands me the diaper, and throws his blankey on the floor. Once I lay out his blankey, he lays down on top of it and lets me change his diaper. This works about 70% of the time. Sometimes I ask him to bring me a diaper and he just tells me no.

I love all the little things he does every day. I love my little boy so, so much. 

This boy LOVES oranges.

Squatting by the door eating his oranges like a monkey.

Basketball at the park. Kender's favorite activity!

Play time with Rosalyn - She discovered Kender's old bumbo and thought it would make a good reading chair.

Got a Christmas tree this year! It's fiber optic, so we don't have to deal with tangled lights :)

Now that it's cold, Roxy has gotten back into the habit of sleeping in Kender's warm cozy crib. Kender is always delighted to find her there.

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