Oh Snow!

I'll admit, I was not looking forward to another Rexburg winter, but now that it's here it's really not so bad. We've eased Kender into the idea of playing in the snow and now he's all for it - until his hands start to get too cold. That's a good thing though, because we don't stay outside for too long (I'm usually ready to come inside sooner than Kender is). We got Kender some foam blocks, so he's been enjoying his inside activities too! Here are some cute pictures:

Stacking some blocks :)

I'm so glad I caught this on camera - I looked over and they were striking the same pose without even realizing it!

Snow adventures :)

When mommy cleans the cushion covers, Kender finds a nice new reading spot.

Just chillin' with penguin :)

Probably the best family portrait we've ever taken - Kender is the only one with a normal smile!

Here's a fun video too: I love Kender's snow outfit!

Toodles :)

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