“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” —Jill Churchill

iJump take 2!

I should have posted these pictures a long time ago! Sorry for the delay.

I love when he makes his "forts."

This is usually what Kender does as soon as I turn my back. Then he gives me that "caught red-handed" facial expression.

Guess what? This is the second roast I've ever made! It looks pretty, but it was super dry. My first roast (made in the crock pot) was way better.
Before we left for iJump, Kender was literally jumping around the house, and jumping on our bed. We thought he had perfected it, but I guess jumping on the ground (or a bed) is very different from jumping on a trampoline. As you can see in the videos, he did more galloping than jumping – but boy was it cute!

We didn’t get many pictures because our camera couldn’t really handle all the jumping, but the ones that we did manage to get are pretty cute

Daddy just finished tossing him into the pit Daddy helping Kender out of the foam pit Contemplating whether or not it is safe to jump



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