April to November of 2014: The Ultimate Catch-up post!

Looks like I haven’t posted a family update since April! So now I have seven months worth of photos that I had to sort through to figure out which ones I’d include in this post.

Here’s the condensed version of what we’ve been up to since April:

  • Ryan Graduated with his Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration
  • Ryan finished his internship at Season’s Medical
  • We moved back to Poulsbo in July
  • Ryan has been working for his cousin Nathan while applying for Healthcare Admin and Law Enforcement jobs (Ryan went for an 8 hour police ride-along and LOVED it)
  • I’ve been building blogs, selling drawings, and basically trying to discover the best way to earn an income from home while being a full-time momma
  • Kender has fallen in love with heavy machinery, especially excavators
  • Kender pretty much talks in full sentences (although he’s still difficult to understand sometimes) and he is one smart cookie
  • Kender knows his ABC’s very well, and can count to 10, but only when he thinks you’re not listening
  • I seem to have swallowed a baby elephant… just kidding 🙂 but it kind of looks that way!
  • We found out we are having a baby boy, he is due in about 6 weeks, and his name will be Rhett Harvey Cleaver

And here is the condensed version in pictures. Enjoy!

My Pregnancy in Photos









Ryan’s Graduation/My Birthday

Kender and Mommy Selfies

Kender Cuteness

In 6 more weeks Ryan and I will be the parents of TWO little boys! Time flies!