November 2014 and so far in December

I will be 37 weeks pregnant on Monday!

Three more weeks to go! But my doctor says its alright if I only stay pregnant for two more weeks. You hear that little guy!? You’ve got the OK to come out a week early if you want to! And mommy is definitely ok with that. I had an ultrasound last week and all looks well with baby. They’re guessing he’s around 6 lbs right now (although my doctor and I both think he could be bigger), and healthy as can be! I’m so grateful that I’ve had two very low risk pregnancies. I’m also grateful that we will have Ryan’s parents and my sister here to help us when this baby decides to come!

Here is Kender today at Walmart.

He loved riding in this fire truck! He cried when we had to leave, but Ryan gave him a quarter and then he was happy again.

I love Christmas music and candles and sitting by the Christmas tree. And I love spending time with family. Don’t think I don’t miss you Mommy! I do!

That’s all for now.


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