Taking Christmas Pictures

We finally got around to taking a Christmas card picture!

We went through a few of these:

But ended up with these:

We are pretty happy with the results! Special thanks to Paul for taking these for us and being patient with our procrastination. Hopefully everyone gets theirs before Christmas!

Since Kender gave up his binky, he is a changed boy.

He talks SO much more, and puts together real sentences! I’m so impressed with the way he communicates now! He adjusted a lot faster than I expected. It only took about 24 hours! The first night was really hard, but we stayed strong and now he is totally binky free and doesn’t even ask for it. We are lucky that he has an obsession with excavators, and that we happened to have a super awesome excavator toy on hand (thanks to our urge to do some early Christmas shopping).

I feel so blessed.

I love our little family so much, and can’t wait for Rhett to finally arrive and join in all the fun!

That’s all for now!

<3 April

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