Life with 2 kids

It has taken a bit of adjusting, and we are by no means pros, but we seem to be getting the hang of having two kids! Rhett is almost 4 months old, and he has hit the fun stage. He’s now a big ole’ chub who coos, blows raspberries, drools large quantities, smiles, laughs, rolls around, grabs his binky, stands with help, and melts hearts! And he is an AMAZING sleeper! Kender was such a hard baby and didn’t sleep through the night until he was almost 2 (and still sometimes wakes up at night), so we are beyond thrilled that Rhett has already mastered this skill. But alas, babies change… I’m sure sleep will be interrupted again once teething sets in full force, but we are enjoying this while it lasts!

Parental Visit

My parents came to visit us back in March, and it was so great having them here. My mom and I went to the Tea Room in Port Gamble, so naturally we had to take some pictures!



I have been going craft-crazy lately! I reupholstered our couch again, and then got hooked on fabric and started making clothes. So far I’ve made a bunch of shirts, skirts, a pair of leggings, and a ton of headbands from the scraps. I really thought I’d be tired of sewing by now, but luckily the magic hasn’t worn off yet! I better make some more stuff before it does.