Academy Survival: Week 2

Well, we officially kicked week 2’s butt. I’m learning how to function with less sleep, we had a fun and active week, and I even got the house cleaned and organized. I feel like Super Woman. A very tired Super Woman, but Super Woman nonetheless. Ryan started working on Defensive Tactics this week. He’s never done any fighting before, so he’s been going to extra classes and his knuckles are all split and scabbed. I feel bad for him because I know it hurts, but I also think it’s uber hot. I feel like we are living the book Divergent and he is a real live Dauntless. Move over Four, Deputy Dreamy is comin’ through!

Kender is doing great. It’s so nice to not have to change his diapers anymore, and he is just so big. He always says silly things and makes me laugh, like:

“Oh look, my penny! Hey, where’s my pimple?”

“You mean your nickel?”

“Uh yeah, where’s my nickel?”

Rhett has a cold and is back to not sleeping well. He’s such a good baby, and even when he’s having a rough time, he’s still a lot easier than most kids. I can’t believe he’s 7 months old already. It seems like yesterday I was hugely pregnant and desperate for him to be born. He’s sitting up, eating solids, and loves to shake all his toys to see if they will make any noise. He also loves to squeal and be noisy, which makes me laugh. I’m lucky to have such funny boys. They make life fun.

I never imagined I’d be able to handle these boys on my own. I know God has been blessing all of my efforts. He has made me stronger than I ever thought I could be, and it feels great. I know that my Redeemer lives.

Next week Kender goes to preschool summer camp. I’m very much looking forward to having 2 hours to myself every day! Hopefully I can get Rhett to sleep during that time so I can really enjoy it.

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