Thoughts on Gratitude

Lately our little family has been through some trials, and it has been hard for all of us to adjust. Life is going in a different direction than we expected. Even though this new direction won’t be an easy one, and it’s not what I was originally hoping for, I feel like it could lead to something really good. We may not be wealthy, but we are very rich in love and extremely blessed.

I’m so grateful for my husband and his ability to keep moving forward even when things are tough. He’s such an amazing example to me of selfless love and diligence. And my boys… Oh, my sweet boys! Life can be pretty crazy with a one year old and a three year old, but the joy that they bring to our lives is immeasurable. They give us a purpose greater than any we’ve ever known.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with my anxiety and depression. It’s winter, and it always flares up in the winter. Stress hasn’t helped either. This morning I went for a run and felt like I needed to refocus on gratitude. Maybe it was the endorphins, but just thinking about it lifted my spirits! As the day went on, the sun peaked out and I was able to feel it’s warmth. I love my family, I love running, and I love the sunshine. For the first time in weeks, I was able to put the stress of life behind me and just enjoy the things I love. ​

Today I’m grateful that spring is coming. I love when the weather says it will be “partly cloudy,” because really, that means “partly sunny.”

I’m grateful for Kender, and how he tells me how much he loves me every night before bed. I love his imagination, and how he creates stories in his mind and turns chopsticks into magic wands.

I’m grateful for family walks in the sunshine, and the gorgeous sunny day we had today. I’m grateful for the healthy body that I too often take for granted, and that I have the ability to go running.

I’m grateful for my husband’s sweet random hugs throughout the day, and for Rhett’s snuggles and silly personality.

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