Finding Joy In Sick Days

So far, March has been the month of never ending illness. Kender had a fever, then Ryan had a fever, then Rhett had pink eye, then Ryan got pink eye, then Kender got a fever again. It’s been crazy! I can’t believe I haven’t gotten sick! I’m very grateful that I’m still healthy. It’s hard enough taking care of sick kids, I’m glad I don’t have to try to do it while not feeling well myself. Ryan is such a huge help. Even when he was sick, he did everything he could to help me around the house and try to make my burdens lighter. I’m so lucky to have him as my partner in crime, and I don’t know what I’d do without him ♥

Even though it’s sad when the boys are sick, there are parts of it I really enjoy. Kender always gets extra sweet and snuggly, and randomly says the cutest things. My favorite so far is, “Mom, you’re the prettiest.” He also says “pee pee” all the time because he’s a boy and he thinks it’s funny… Ok, it’s kind of funny.
Oh summer, how I long for you…

Rhett is starting to grow out of his snuggliness now that he’s becoming a toddler, so it’s nice to enjoy the extra hugs and cuddles when he isn’t feeling well. It’s so fun watching him grow up and develop his own little personality. He is such a spunky and funny boy! He spins in circles, sticks his arms back and runs fast so it looks like he’s trying to fly, randomly starts dancing, and speaks in the cutest little babble language. He opens his mouth super wide over and over again so he looks like a fish, finally feeds himself finger foods, loves wrestling, and loves playing on soft squishy things like the couch or bed or giant teddy bear. He’s also pretty firey… He threw a metal toy car at me today because he was mad that I gave him a funny shaped gram cracker or something, who knows. At 14 months old, toddler stage has definitely begun, and it’s such a fun time!

I can’t wait to take these boys to the beach this summer!

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