Gratitude For The First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of spring!!! Summer is coming. Ever so slowly, but it’s coming. Being patient is something that I’m not very good at. I want summer so badly that I literally dream of being at the beach and then I wake up and realize it’s not summer yet… I don’t think I’ve ever had summeritis this bad before! It’s been a really long winter for us though, and we are all ready for that vitamin D. Seriously. Ryan is vitamin D deficient, and the boys and I are sympathy vitamin D deficient.

Well Kender is finally better, but Ryan is sick again and Rhett finally caught it as well. Sometimes I feel weak and tired and sometimes I feel fine so if I’m sick, I have a much more mild form of whatever the boys have. Needless to say, the boys are sick of being sick, and I’m sick of them being sick! I want everyone to be well again so we can just get back to normal! It’s so easy to take good health for granted until an illness like this comes along. We are fortunate that things like this are rare for us.

I’m naturally a bit of an introvert, so the neediness of sick kids has been extremely draining for me. Gratitude has been a goal of mine that I haven’t been very good at lately for that reason. I’ve been taking a little time to reflect today, and here are some pictures of things I’m grateful for (my sweet boys ♥):

I am eternally grateful to be their mom, and even though it is not an easy job, it brings me more joy than anything else could.

And because it’s Sunday, here’s a little bit of what I believe:

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