Happy Easter! 2016

Tomorrow is Easter!

It’s so weird now that I’m the one behind the Easter baskets, Valentine’s Day candy hearts, and Christmas stockings. I used to love it when my parents would do those little things for me, and now I get to do it for my own kids! It’s so fun now that Kender is almost 4 because he understands that holidays are special, and he really likes to do things to celebrate.

We never really decorate much, but I always like to have a few little things in place to remind us that it’s a special time of year. This year we had Easter magnets for the fridge and a cute little bouquet Kender made for me in preschool out of paper hand cutouts. I love the crafts he brings home from school!

This year we’re using these cute Easter Baskets from the Dollar Tree!

Dying Easter Eggs

This was Kender’s first year dying Easter eggs, and he loved it! We kept it pretty simple. Only 6 eggs, and we were done in about 20 minutes, but it was enough. What are you supposed to do with dyed eggs nowadays? I’m pretty sure all we did when I was a kid was have fun eating them, so that’s what I’ve been doing  The yellow one was delicious!

“Kender” means “know” or “expert” in Danish, and it’s very fitting of Kender’s personality. He watched an episode of Special Agent Oso about dying Easter eggs, so naturally he knew exactly what to do and told me I had to follow the three special steps. Well, what that plush bear doesn’t tell you is that sometimes there are a lot more than 3 steps! It was really hard for Kender to wait while I cooked the eggs, cooled them, prepped the water, vinegar, & coloring, & got our dying station all set up. He was thrilled once he finally got to dunk those eggs though!

I have to say, I’m pretty dang proud of these eggs! Kender and I are pros. I like how the shell came up with it’s own natural design on some of them. We had some very artsy eggs.

The Easter Egg Hunt

And of course, we had to do our first Easter egg hunt! We opted to do our own at home rather than a public one. We wanted Kender to be able to find all the eggs and horde all the candy, because Easter only comes once a year! And he’s only 3 haha. He had a blast. He made me hide the eggs 3 times, and then he hid them from me once. It was so fun! I’m glad we had those precious moments today.

Remembering The Savior

Bunnies and candy-filled eggs are fun, but I hope as the boys get older I can help them understand what Easter is really about. Kender knows who Jesus is, and he loves to say family prayers every night. I hope that I can help to nurture and strengthen his little testimony as he grows into a young man.

Photo from LDS.org

Happy Easter everyone!

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