Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become my go to for so many things. I use it for cooking, as a moisturizer for my skin, to soothe diaper rash, as a shine serum for my hair, as a deep conditioning/dandruff treatment for my hair, to soothe sunburns, as a cuticle treatment for my nails, and so on. That stuff is good for everything! It also smells amazing and is supposed to be really good for your health. It’s also affordable and one big tub will last you a while! Since I love it so much I thought I’d share a few ways to use coconut oil to make your life more awesome!

First, the health benefits:

Coconut oil has some pretty awesome health benefits! It’s good for your body, inside and out. Medium Chain Triglycerides in coconut oil are metabolized differently by the body to become a quick source of energy for you and help you burn fat. It also helps reduce your appetite, so consuming a serving a day might be a good idea! It is pretty high in calories though, so keep that in mind. I mostly use it for my skin and hair, but I’ve been working to add it into my diet as well so I can get those nutritional benefits. It also has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties which means it can potentially help prevent infection. I put it on minor cuts or scrapes and it seriously helps them feel better. It even acts as a sunscreen with an average natural SPF of around 5!

Ways To Use Coconut Oil

For cooking:

I use it when sautéing veggies or cooking eggs. I typically don’t like the sweet taste for this kind of stuff, so I add salt and that tones it down. I also add a tablespoon to my smoothies. It adds some subtle flavor and smoothness and helps my whole family get a little extra nutrition!
For baking:

I substitute half of the butter for coconut oil for a sweeter taste and fluffier texture. It makes my banana bread so moist and heavenly!

For hair:

Dandruff, itchy scalp, shine serum, & deep conditioning.

I have a super sensitive scalp that can get really itchy on occasion. When that happens, I rub some coconut oil onto my scalp and let it sit for an hour or so before I wash my hair. Then I style as usual and it completely soothes my scalp and makes my hair so soft! I also add a little to the ends of my hair when it starts looking dry or damaged and it makes it look fresh, shiny, and healthy again.

Add coconut oil to your daily beauty routine!

For skin:

Moisturizer, shave oil, deodorant, sunburn, lip balm, makeup remover, & diaper rash.

I have crazy dry skin, so I use coconut oil on my skin a lot. I use it as a moisturizer as soon as I get out of the shower. The oil helps keep that moisture locked in all day long. I also use it when I shave my legs. I just rub the coconut oil on, dab some water on over that, and then shave away and it leaves my legs feeling so smooth!

Ok, this one might sound a little weird, but I use it as a deodorant too. I’m one of those people who has to buy a new brand every time I go to the store because mine stops working for whatever reason. But I’ve found that when I put on some coconut oil and let it soak in a bit before I put on my normal deodorant, I’m stink-free all day! I have no idea why this works, but I just love the smell so I tried it and got lucky.

It can soothe sunburns and chapped lips too. Rub it on your sunburn, or mix coconut oil, shae butter, and bees wax to make the best lip balm! It’s also a very effective makeup remover. I just gently rub it onto my eyelids and then use a tissue to wipe off the makeup.

Coconut oil is great for diaper rash too! It’s gentle and not messy like store bought creams. I put some fractionated coconut oil in a spray bottle and spray it on my little boy’s diaper region whenever he poops. I don’t even have to touch him! Yay for hygiene! The only time he ever gets diaper rash is when we don’t bother to spray him with coconut oil.

For nails:

Cuticle treatment & nail polish protectant.​

I rub some coconut oil into my cuticles when they get dry and it hydrates them and makes my hands look so much better. Also, cool trick, you can use coconut oil to help your nail polish dry faster. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it is actually helping it dry, or just putting a protective layer over the polish but either way, it definitely helps keep your nails from getting messed up after you paint them! I do this when I paint my nails while the boys are awake. It allows me to break up fights or grab the baby before he gets into the toilet without ruining my wet nails.

Did I mention it smells awesome? Coconut oil is amazing and I just love it!

I like to buy mine at Costco, but you can get it pretty much anywhere.

Now go out there and use some coconut oil!

❤️ April

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