Sephora Birthday Makeover!

Earlier this week I went to Sephora for a birthday makeover. It was my first time having my makeup done by a professional, and it was so fun! Lately I’ve been feeling like my brain has been completely fried by motherhood so it was really nice to get out and do something fun and out of the ordinary for me!

I usually stick with a natural look, so we decided to try something a little more bold for fun. Chelsea, my wonderful makeup artist and new friend, is so sweet and amazing! She posts makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel. (Check her out! She’s got some great tips!)

The night before the makeover we both scoured Pinterest searching for a look that I liked. We found one pretty quickly and Chelsea did an excellent job recreating it.

Sephora makeover from start to finish

First, she matched my skin tone for me with the color IQ device. I’ve never had that done before, and it was so cool to find out exactly what color I am and find a foundation that matches! I’m light beige, in case you were wondering.

Next she moisturized and got to work on my eyes. She did my eyeshadow before my foundation to avoid any fallout and to get a lot of precision with the eyeliner. First she concealed, then she worked her magic on my eyes with that amazing Tartelette palette! Then came the gel liner and mascara.

After my eyes were done (all but my lower lash line) she primed, applied foundation, and concealed. After that she set with a powder and did some highlighting and contouring and added my blush. I can’t remember if she did my brows next or finished off my eyes, but I remember the lips came last. I love this color!

In the car before the makeover…


I love the way Chelsea did my eyes! I ended up buying the eyeshadow palette and the brow pomade. Those were the two products I felt I couldn’t live without. As you can see, the brow pomade is already pretty well loved and I’ve only had it a few days haha. I feel like it saves my face! And my most used color in the Tartelette palette so far is “Super Mom” because it makes me feel like a…Well, a super mom. 

It was great to get out and do something super girly since I’m surrounded by sticky smelly boys (whom I love) all day. I had SO much fun getting my makeover, and it was so fun getting to know Chelsea better!

Have you ever had a makeover at Sephora or similar store? Tell me about your experience!

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