Counting My Blessings Today

We have the best animals. Both came from the humane society, and both are adorable, loving, and gentle. Just look at this dog! She can always tell when I need some extra attention. She either acts goofy and makes me laugh, or she hops in my lap and snuggles me. She's the best!

It probably looks like she's trying to eat him, but she's just a snuggler ;)

My mom makes these amazing dog sweaters!

Roxy is more attached to Ryan these days. She snuggles me at night, but during the day she just whines at me like a third child. Don't get me wrong, Sadie does that too. We have crazy wild boys, and furry whiny girls.

I'm feeling pretty blessed today. Ryan is just awesome and gets me flowers, does the dishes, cleans, and makes me laugh. I'm a lucky girl!

These boys are pretty great too. They drive me INSANE most of the time, but they make me laugh and I'm so grateful they are mine. Look how cute they are all dressed for church!

Last week I went to three hot yoga classes and did three yoga videos on my own. That makes me a yogi now, right!? I don't think I ever would have tried it on my own (my awesome sister-in-law found the class and invited me to come along), but I really like it. Certain forms of exercise tend to irritate me. I have a really hard time with HIIT because I hate feeling exhausted and out of breath, running bothers my knees, weights are boring, etc... I could go on with my list of excuses. Yoga on the other hand, doesn't irritate me at all. It relaxes me.

Yoga makes me feel strong and graceful. It provides a physical workout while calming the mind. I feel reenergized when I finish, rather than beat. All exercise is beneficial, and anything is better than nothing. My preferred method of exercise has officially gone from "nothing" to "Yoga." Yay!🙏

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