Getting Ready for Christmas 2016

It's December! Kender is elated because it's Christmas month. His joy is pretty adorable. Speaking of adorable, Ryan's dad took a pretty great family portrait for us! 😄

Here are the decorations Kender and I put up this year. Not much, but it's festive enough for our little space.

We've also made a little tradition the past few years where Kender and I help Nana decorate her tree. It's pretty fun, and it goes a lot faster when we all work together. I think we made a pretty good-looking tree this year!

Rhett napped while we set it all up, and his reaction when he saw it for the first time was: "Wooooooaaaahhhhh!" Pretty appropriate, don't you think?

Now for the most exciting part: I finally have a legit camera!!! I told Ryan that it was the only thing I wanted for Christmas this year, and then he ordered it and I convinced him to give it to me early (So I can start documenting memories of course!). It's definitely the most complicated camera I've ever used, but fortunately we live with a photographer, and he is teaching me his ways. 😊

I got a couple good shots of the boys so far!

The amount of boogers I had to photoshop out of Rhett's nose was unreal.

Had to photoshop a booger out of Kender's nose too. Did I mention they have colds? Eh, who am I kidding. They always have boogers. I'm so excited to get better with this camera and share more photos!

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