Rhett is Two ♥

This post is a little over a month late, but that's ok. Rhett just keeps getting cuter anyway. Here's a small tribute to the sweetest, snuggliest, silliest little guy around. I can't believe it's been two years already!

He loves all things with wheels. Mostly cars and trucks, but motorcycles are exciting too. He likes stealing Daddy's phone and plopping himself on the couch to watch truck videos on YouTube 😆

He's recently developed an obsession with binkies and blankets as well. He must have them all. If there are two binkies in sight, he wants both. Three blankets? All of them wind up on his lap.

For his birthday, I bought him a number two candle for his "cake" (a stack of donuts). He found the candle and loved it so much he wouldn't let me stick it in the donut pile... He kept yelling happily, "Two! Two!"

Here's the birthday song, my epic donut cake, and the blowing of the candles.

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