Feeling Loved

Yesterday I sat on the couch to play Minecraft with Kender, and Sadie climbed up into my lap. Then Rhett saw us and got jealous, so he came over and climbed on top of Sadie and tried to push her off of me. Eventually I was able to convince him that there was enough room for everyone to snuggle mommy. It made me feel loved. ♥

Beautiful moments in motherhood

Later in the day, when I fell asleep on the couch and Rhett climbed up on top of me for more snuggles ♥

I just officially became an online student at BYU-Idaho... again! I'm only 11 classes short of my bachelor's degree in web design, and I'm determined to get it even if it takes me 11 semesters to complete. This semester (beginning in September) I'll be taking either my last religion class or a class called "Creating Online Media." I'm on the waitlist for that one, so fingers crossed I can get in. Kender will be in kindergarten starting in September, so I'll have more time for my classes this time around. I'm excited to get back into school again!

UPDATE: I dropped all my classes lol. Too soon. Maybe someday when the kids are a little older!

My sweet family - it's rare we get family pictures when it's not Christmas!

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