Happy 4th of July! 2017

The boys are both napping (which never happens - thank you fireworks!) so I thought I'd take the opportunity to jot down some 4th of July memories from yesterday. We had lots of family over for food, fireworks, BB gun shooting, badminton, pickleball, & croquet fun.

This was actually from today - had to finish off all our poppers!

Rhett was our little greeter. Every time someone drove up he yelled, "HIIIII!!!!," told them he was two, and that we were having pancakes for dinner. Maybe he thought if he hoped it hard enough, the hot dogs & burgers would become pancakes...

Kender's favorite part was running around and playing with all his cousins. That and the big fireworks show. I didn't get to see much of it because I was busy keeping the pup calm, but apparently it was super cool! Last year Ryan was on fire duty, so it was nice that he got to enjoy them with Kender this time.

You can't really tell from this photo, but he had a blast. 😍

The shooting station.

Kender & his cousin on their way down to the trampoline

In awe of the fireworks ♥

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