Happy Birthday Sadie!

July 1st marked Sadie's first year with our family! She has brought us so much love and joy with her playful and sweet spirit. She also reminds us not to get too attached to our shoes, because they are fun to chew. Binkies and toys are also fun to chew. Who needs material goods, right?

This goofball is 2 years old!

Unfortunately, we spent Sadie's "birthday" at the doggie ER. She started acting really strange, like she was really nauseous but couldn't vomit. Her abdomen was swollen, and we were concerned she might have Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, or "bloat." Bloat can be fatal for a dog, so we rushed her to the vet.

They helped her vomit (a ton of grass and little pieces of plastic, in case you were wondering) and kept her on an IV overnight to make sure there wasn't a blockage in her intestines. They called in the morning and said she was good to go!

When I went to pick her up, the technician repeatedly told me what a good dog Sadie is, and joked that she was going to take her home (no way!). The whole experience made me realize how lucky we are to have found her. She's the perfect dog for our family.

Happy birthday Sadie girl! ♥

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