Pit Bulls and Maine Coons: We Love Our Pets!

We take Sadie to the vet every couple months for her nail trims, so I'm pretty confident she's in good health. Our cat Roxy on the other hand, hasn't been to the vet since her anal gland ruptured 4 years ago... Yep, it's as gross as it sounds. Pretty sure she hasn't had any shots since we got her almost 6 years ago.

Black Pitbull Mix - April's Happy Place

So last week I decided we should probably stop neglecting her and go get her rabies shot.

Roxy is an insanely patient and friendly cat.

When we arrived at the vet's office, Roxy came out of her carrier without a fuss. She sat contently on my lap as we waited. When the vet came in, Roxy greeted her happily and allowed her to do her exam. As she was checking Roxy out to make sure she was healthy, I was complaining about how small the kitty carrier I bought was. As we chatted, Roxy sat perfectly still while the vet administered her shots. I was shocked.

The vet then told me that the kitty carrier wasn't really small, I just have a big cat.

Really? She didn't seem all that big to me.

She showed me the "M" markings above Roxy's eyes, her big paws, and her fluffy ears and tail. Then she told me I've got myself a Maine Coon.

Calico Maine Coon Mix - April's Happy Place


Ryan and I have wanted one since we discovered Omar the Maine Coon's instagram account, so it's funny that we've had one all this time without even realizing it! Roxy is female, so she's not extraordinarily huge like Omar (and she's probably mixed of course), but she does have a larger build for a cat. It's just hard to tell because she's so fluffy.

The vet also said she's in perfect health, and is an awesome cat. That much we definitely knew.

We have the best pets!

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