Beach days, big boy beds, potties, and toenails

Yesterday we had a family beach day with some friends. It was nice for Ryan to be able to take a break from working at the property and come have some fun with us. He works so hard to support our family, and I'm so grateful for him. We brought Sadie too. She loved it. Her favorite parts were digging up dead fish and running up and down the beach with Ryan.

Beach days, big boy beds, potties, and toenails
Rhett's favorite beach day activity 

After the beach, Ryan took apart Rhett's crib and set up a big queen mattress in the boy's room. Kender started sleeping on a big boy bed when he turned 2, so we thought Rhett would be ready at 2 and a half. But we were wrong...

After we put the boys to bed, they played for a while in their room, which I expected. I had to go in and get Rhett because he stepped on a toy and was furious, and I wanted Kender to be able to go to sleep. Rhett and I watched a show for a few minutes and then I took him back in his room, rocked him to sleep in the recliner, and then laid him down in the twin bed (Kender was sprawled out on the queen).

I hoped that Rhett would wake up in the morning, realize that he had slept all night in a big boy bed, be proud of himself, and then play with toys, but instead he woke up at 2 am screaming. He had lost his blanket, and he was scared without the security of his crib. I tried to lay with he and Kender on the queen bed, but he insisted on leaving the room. I let him watch another few minutes of a show to calm down, and then brought him into my room to try to get him to sleep. That failed too.

We ended up staying awake until 7:30 am, when I finally went in and woke Kender up and told him to go lay on the couch so I could put the crib back together. Once Rhett was safely back in his crib, and his room was back to normal, he quickly fell asleep. You know what kid? Keep the crib. I don't mind if you stay my baby just a little longer ♥

In my last post I talked about how I've been getting sick of my boys always watching YouTube kids or playing Minecraft. Yesterday I went upstairs and found some of Ryan's old Captain Underpants books and started reading them to Kender.

Showing off his new favorite book 

I hoped their silliness would interest Kender enough to let us have some fun away from technology, and thankfully, it did! He enjoyed the book so much that we read another one, and started a third. It was his first time reading a chapter book, and he couldn't get enough! And I loved the quality time with him.

And here's Rhett, playing with his new potty, while quoting the book "Potty" that he got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa 😄

After the big boy bed fiasco, I doubt he will have any real interest in potty training any time soon. And that's ok too.

One last fun fact before I say goodnight - today I was cutting Rhett's toenails and I leaned in really close to make sure I didn't cut him when a tiny toenail shot right into my eye... I got it out with eyedrops thankfully, but it was super weird and I hope his dirty little feet didn't get any nasties in my eye!

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