Summer Eclipse 2017

Happy Eclipse Day! I have to admit, I didn't see what the big deal was at first, but after experiencing it I definitely see why people would drive so far to get a good view of totality! We might head to Dallas in 2024 to catch the next one ;)

Solar Eclipse of 2017

Kender had so much fun watching it! I couldn't believe how cold it got, and how eerie the light looked - we didn't get to see the totality where we were at, so it just looked like twilight for a few minutes. I didn't think to take any videos of the atmosphere, but I did get this cool shot of the eclipse shapes in the shadows of the leaves.

Solar Eclipse of 2017

Today we watched the movie Sing! for the first time with our boys. We love it! The music is amazing, and the characters are so lovable. Ryan captured this sweet moment of Kender and I watching together ♥ Our favorite is Johnny the Gorilla. On the right are Rhett's hands in mine. I love holding my boys hands, and I have to do it as much as I can before they start to think it's uncool to hold hands with your mom.

After Rhett's big boy bed fiasco a couple weeks ago (he hated the queen size mattress we put him on), we decided to take a different approach - a tiny big boy bed! It's the same color and style as his crib, so I thought that might make the transition easier for him (better than moving straight to a giant intimidating queen mattress). He loves it, but now we have the problem of him being too excited to sleep... He didn't fall asleep until 9 tonight, which is super late for us. But I know he'll get the hang of it soon, and milestones are still my favorite.

I can't believe how fast these boys are growing. They are my most precious treasures, and I'm so grateful I get to be their Momma ♥

I listened to this General Conference talk the other day and just loved it. It's full of funny stories, and reminds me of what an awesome calling I have:

Children by Neil L. Anderson

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