October General Conference Weekend 2017

LDS General Conference is a semi annual event where church leaders, including the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord, gather together and speak to the world about the gospel. Their words are always so encouraging and uplifting, and there is always a message of kindness and love.

General Conference is split into two days of two, two-hour sessions. With 8 hours total during conference weekend, it can be hard for little kids. I was pretty proud of Kender today though. He did various things like draw or play with toys, and at one point he said he was tired, so I told him he could take a little nap. Then he told me no thank you, that he wanted to watch conference so he could know Jesus. That boy makes my heart full ❤️

Rhett did pretty well too. He mostly hung out on the floor playing with his trains or snuggling Sadie and I.

As a teenager I remember loving Conference weekend because it was a break from normal church, but I also remember thinking it was SO boring. Now I look forward to it because it nourishes my soul. I cherish the precious and priceless guidance from our general authorities, and I hope my boys grow up feeling the same way.

Cousins enjoying some legos during General Conference

There were so many good talks, but my current favorite was by the Young Women General President, Bonnie L. Oscarson. You can watch/listen to it HERE.

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