Structure is good.

We are starting to settle into homeschooling and it's going great! This year we are working on language arts (which combines reading, writing, literature, spelling, grammar & punctuation, & vocabulary), math, and science. I'd like to add geography and history too, but formal study in those subjects isn't necessary for kindergarten and I don't want to overwhelm myself.

It might sound like a lot, but it only takes about an hour and a half (2 hours max) a day for Kindergarten. It ends up being a lot shorter than a full day of public school, so we have a lot of freedom and flexibility in our day. I like that :)

Kender will also be taking some classes at the Y to keep things interesting and get all his active boy energy out. We are hoping to get signed up for rock climbing and swimming tomorrow! I'm so excited for him!

Homeschooling takes a lot of discipline and organization. It forces us to have a routine, which has actually been really nice. Kender's attitude varies from excited to "too tired to do anything" but I think this will be really great for both of us. I can teach him one on one and make sure he fully understands each concept. We can move fast or slow depending on his particular challenges. I'm Kender's teacher now, but I'm learning a lot from him too. Patience, that structure is good, the benefits of being organized, the pure joy of grasping a new concept for the first time... He's my teacher too.

I've been surprised at how much I've been able to accomplish in a day, especially being pregnant and tired all the time. I'm definitely no supermom (there are usually toys and laundry everywhere) but I think I'm doing well considering I pretty much hibernated while I was pregnant with Kender.

Learning about time & weather

I had another ultrasound this week (week 7 of my pregnancy). The doctor says everything looks good! It's so cool to see the tiny human growing inside me!

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