30 Gratefuls

I have a couple friends on Facebook who post something they're grateful for every day in November and I've always really liked that little tradition. I'm not very good at posting every day though... So here's a list of my 30 gratefuls (in no particular order) for November 2017 ♥

I love when they play together!

  1. My faith, and for the peace it brings me
  2. The temple, and the amazing work done there (and for sweet friends & family who babysit for us so we can go)
  3. My eternal family
  4. My husband, who is my best friend and soul mate
  5. My children, who are beyond precious and bring us so much joy
  6. Modern medicine, which has helped me recover from severe anxiety and depression
  7. My healthy body, and my ability to run, do yoga, and play with my kids
  8. My dog, who is a goofy sweetheart who snuggles me so hard she pushes me off the bed
  9. My cat, who is more doglike than my dog
  10. My friends and family, who love and support me when things are hard
  11. Medical professionals, especially my counselor, who taught me the skills I needed to cope with anxiety and depression
  12. My car, and the ability to go where we need to go
  13. Technology, and all the fun, helpful, and amazing things it can do
  14. Ryan's job, and the fact that he gets paid well to do something he loves that allows me to be a stay at home mom
  15. Insurance, and the peace of mind it brings
  16. The atonement, and knowing we can always change and be better
  17. My job as a wife, mother, and homemaker
  18. My opportunity to homeschool my boys, and to teach and bond with them
  19. Prayer, and knowing there is open communication with my Heavenly father, who eagerly awaits me to ask for His help
  20. The scriptures, the lessons they teach and peace they give
  21. Food and shelter, and for never having to wonder where we will sleep or what we will eat
  22. Indoor plumbing
  23. Warm blankets and a cozy bed
  24. All the many ways to communicate and keep in touch with loved ones far away
  25. Our relaxing couch, a good show to watch, and a big bowl of popcorn
  26. Good company
  27. Good books
  28. Inspiring people who share their inspiring stories
  29. Warm socks
  30. The laughter of my little boys

Our friend Linsey took them out for donuts while she babysat for us

Beautiful view from our street

There's no such thing as "not enough room." Sadie always finds a way.

So, so handsome 😍

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