A Much Needed Win

Today while we were doing school, Kender got really frustrated with me for trying to help him. He said, “No! I’m a big boy and big boys learn by themselves!” Then I had to explain to him that everyone needs help sometimes, especially with learning new things. I sent him to his room to cool off, and then I went in and gave him some life lessons.

I explained to him how much he would cry as a baby because he wanted to walk. He wanted to see the world, but was mad he had to just sit on the floor. He was determined, and he began walking at 9 months – much earlier than most babies. Kender loved that story, and was really impressed with himself. I reminded him that mommy and daddy helped him learn to walk.

I them told him the story of his first Strider bike. We got it for him when he was 2 because he wanted to ride bikes like a big boy, but he was frustrated because it was hard at first. With time, practice, and help from mommy and daddy, he learned and is now a very confident bike rider.

He loved those stories, but still didn’t understand why reading didn’t just happen naturally with age. He felt like that knowledge should just be in his head without effort. He was frustrated because his cousin Lucas reads better than he does. I explained that Lucas is a whole year older, and has been practicing his reading for a whole year longer than Kender has. I told him that the best way to catch up with Lucas was to keep doing our school and practice reading together.

That seemed to do the trick. He ran excitedly back to the kitchen table and proudly finished our reading lesson. It was a much needed win ♥

While all of this was happening, Rhett was contently and quietly playing with his blocks. Days like today make my heart full.

Here are some pictures from a few days ago…

He loves painting, and his excitement cannot be contained. He especially loves painting all over his own hands and face. 🙂

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