Halloween 2017

Things have been off since we lost Charlie, but it feels like some sense of normalcy is slowly starting to return. Halloween was a nice way for us all to get out together as a family and have some fun.

Our local Parks & Rec holds an annual preschool Halloween party, so we decided to check that out this year. As you can see in the picture, Kender wasn't really into it.

Rhett enjoyed getting a free cookie from the cake walk. He was really mad at us for forcing him into his cute Batman jammies/costume. They are super comfy. Why did he object, you ask? Because Mommy and Daddy wanted him to do something. The natural almost-three-year-old response is to throw a completely irrational tantrum. But he was happy once he got his cookie. I'm glad Ryan always thinks to take pictures of moments like this.

After the preschool party (which lasted all of 10 minutes for us), we went home and had some pizza to prepare our tummies for the plethora of candy that was to come. Ryan dressed up as Captain America, I was a wicked witch, Kender was Darth Vader, and Rhett was the cutest Batman you ever did see.

First we went to the ward Trunk-or-Treat. Last year we had to hold Rhett the whole time, but this year he was really into it. It was so fun to watch him go from car to car yelling "trick or treat!!" with that big cute smile on his face. It was so exciting for him! He did so well that we drove out to a neighborhood afterwards and continued our trick-or-treating adventures. The boys got really good at knocking on doors, and they got a ton of candy, which means mommy and daddy got lots of candy! Hooray for cute kids!

I've been trying to draw more now that winter is coming and I want to be outside less. It's been pretty therapeutic for me too. Here are some of my recent sketches:

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