Thanksgiving 2017

This year Ryan had to work on Thanksgiving (bummer). The rest of the family got together in Oregon, but the boys and I stayed here so we could spend the holiday with Daddy. I've had to work on Thanksgiving before, and it's no fun to miss out on all that food and fun! Fortunately, Ryan works nights so we still got to eat dinner together. It was my first attempt at cooking a turkey, and it actually turned out - I was so relieved/excited/hungry!

We started off the day with some yummy cinnamon rolls. I lit a Christmas tree scented candle, and we listened to Christmas music for a few hours while the Turkey cooked, and then Ryan woke up and played with the boys so I could cook the rest of the meal. All together we enjoyed the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, candied yams, cranberry sauce, and yummy rolls made by Aunt Melissa. As we ate, we talked about things we are grateful for (family, friends, food, toilets, etc...)

It would have been really fun to be in Oregon with everyone, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to make the holiday special for Ryan. I know he appreciated it, and I really enjoyed it ♥

Table before...

Table after!

My cute apron - Rhett drove up to me in his little car and said, "Mom you're a princess?" It made my year 😃

Kender was a little confused, and kept saying it was the best Valentine's Day ever... He can call it what he wants as long as he's happy!

After dinner we rented Captain Underpants and watched it together. Kender liked that a lot, and it was actually a pretty fun movie. Lot's of familiar voices made it fun for Ryan and I to guess who the actors were. Rhett didn't sleep well the night before Thanksgiving, so he was pretty cranky - but he enjoyed Captain Underpants too. He ran around yelling "underpants!" and "tra la laaaaaa!" It. was. adorable.

Testing out "portrait mode" on our new phones after dinner. This one's a winner 😄

The boys REALLY missed their cousins, so to keep their spirits up, we decorated for Christmas the morning after Thanksgiving once we were finished with school. Rhett has been showing some interest in doing school with us, and it's so sweet! I gave him some letter worksheets and he traced them with his crayons - it was pretty impressive.

He was so excited to decorate this little tree... I can't wait to have a big one some day!

Stacking his quarters after tracing his Q's ♥

I can't believe he will be 3 in a month... My sweet baby boy!

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