Light The World Day 7 & (Finally) Digging Our Foundation

Today is day 7 in the Light The World initiative, and it's all about children:

Jesus taught:

"Suffer the little children to come unto me."
—Mark 10:14

Jesus loved little children. We can each brighten the life of a child simply by taking the time to show that we care.

To brighten our children's day today, we took them out to the property to watch Daddy and Grandpa dig the foundation for our future house. We've been waiting a long time to do this part, so it was exciting for everyone (and tons of fun to play in all the dirt).

He was pretty excited about the big hole 😁
A beautiful view from our beautiful piece of land ♥

Not a cloud in the sky! Days like this are rare for us in the winter.

We had a little McDonnalds picnic with Daddy and Grandpa. Rhett called the milkshake his "chocolate juice."

LOTS of fun with those dirt piles haha.
And here are some pictures from yesterday (which was also sunny!) 

Rhett was pooped after all that jumping... And crying from not getting to ride in the truck with Daddy. But he got his turn after his couch nap.

Here's the #LightTheWorld video for day 7: